Our Story

Musical StoryBox was born out of a deep passion for nurturing creativity and imagination in children from the word go! Experts in their individual fields, Katie and Melissa recognised a need for a novel approach to early childhood education. They set out to create a unique and compelling class that brings stories to life through music and sensory play.

Bringing Stories to Life Through Music, Literacy, and Play

At Musical StoryBox, we believe in the power of storytelling, music, and sensory play to provide a unique and immersive educational experience for children from birth up to Key Stage 1. Our vision is to inspire a love for books, music, and learning in young minds by creating engaging and interactive storytelling classes.

Meet Katie & Melissa

Passionate professionals with over 35 years of combined music and education experience. 

Musical StoryBox was brought to life by Katie and Melissa. With Katie's expertise as a professional musician for over 20 years and Melissa's strong background as a qualified primary school teacher for the last 15 years, their combined experience and dedication form the foundation of Musical StoryBox.

Having been friends for over 25 years and sharing a deep love for music and books, Katie and Melissa decided to combine their skills and knowledge to create a truly special educational experience for children.

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Merging Sensory Play, Music, and Social Interaction

Fun, Enriching, and Developmentally Targeted

Each Musical StoryBox session is carefully crafted to provide a perfect mixture of sensory storytelling, musical enrichment, sensory play, and social interaction for both children and parents/carers. We aim to create an environment where learning is enjoyable and meaningful.

EYFS Aligned Classes for Optimal Development

Cultivating a Lifelong Love for Learning

Our classes are designed in line with the New EYFS Framework September 2021, targeting key areas crucial to development. We ensure that while having fun, children are also building important skills and knowledge through creative exploration, engaging activities, and socializing with their peers.

Experience the magic of Musical Story Box today

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the Musical StoryBox experience. Join our classes, book an educational session for your school or nursery, or celebrate your child's special day with one of our magical birthday party packages. Let's create lifelong memories together.

Weekly Classes

Weekly storytelling classes for babies and toddlers; a multi sensory experience starting that love of books and music from the word go!

School Sessions

A fully immersive and inclusive experience to better understand and engage with a favourite story through music and play.

Birthday Parties

Choose to bring your child's favourite story to life with one of our birthday party packages​, including a special birthday gift!