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Music underpins everything we do at Musical StoryBox. From our own original songs, to classical greats we cover a huge array of musical genres to expose and educate young minds

Passionate about the benefits of Music

At Musical StoryBox we believe passionately in the huge benefits of exposing children to a wide variety of musical genres. Our music is carefully curated to fit dramatic elements of each story.

Music and stories are intrinsically linked bringing greater meaning to both.

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Hey Mini Maestros! Why not try these at home?

Find below some examples of famous pieces of music and challenges for each of them!  You'll find links to the tracks on Spotfiy and Youtube too.

Listen to:

Tchaikovsky: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

What does this remind you of? Can you creep around the room on tiptoe? Keep quiet, don’t wake anyone!!

Listen to:

Wagner ‘Ride of the valkyries’

Imagine you are a dragon! Can you soar through the skies and breath out fire?!

Listen to:

Rossini ‘William tell overture (finale)’

Can you tap in time to the music as if you are a galloping horse?

Listen to:

Vivaldi ‘Summer Storm’ from Four Season

Can you hear the thunder and the rain pouring down?

We also write our own original songs to go with each story we share.

Are you an educational setting looking to enhance your music education and would like to access some original songs and backing tracks that fit your theme or favourite story?

We provide child friendly songs along with backing tracks and words that you can learn and use in your setting. Learn something new and fun today!

Take a listen to our ‘Songs for Stories’