What makes us unique?

29 March 2024

Since setting up our business, Melissa and I, have poured our hearts and souls into making every session as creative, interesting, educational and fun as we possibly could. For the first two years of running, we were writing a song every week. For each new story, we were spending hours making props- sewing puppets, putting any amazon packaging to good use to create rockets, giraffes, ark’s, horses and more! We were constantly developing ideas that would bring to life our characters, portray different emotions, and lift dramatic elements from our stories, in varied yet accessible ways.  

The quality of our classes has always been a top priority for us and we strive to stand out from all the other baby and toddler businesses out there. We believe that classes like ours should be of benefit to everyone attending. The parent or carer is there with their child and we want to create memorable experiences for both, providing not only a quality educational foundation for our little ones but an enjoyable and uplifting experience for the adult too. We love to be a special part of a tired parents’ week!

Music is a universal communicator, and with music education gradually diminishing in mainstream education we hope to kickstart a love for music really early on. We use not only our own original songs, but a huge variety of musical genres including lots of classical music, exposing little ones to a whole world of musical culture. Children’s stories are accessible to all and the stories we share in our sessions are ones that will grow with your child, helping to develop a love of reading and build on their skills of communication and creativity.

All our lesson plans are meticulously planned and considered meaning that our franchisees have a really detailed plan of how to run sessions. This keeps consistency across our brand and maintains a quality educational foundation, whilst we also encourage passionate individuals to play to their strengths, whether they like to add in some of their own creative props, show their own musical instruments, or share their knowledge on early years learning and play. 

Running your own business with a Musical StoryBox franchise means doing something extremely rewarding, where your skills are valued and encouraged, and you feel you are contributing something truly valuable within your community. 

Musical StoryBox classes are unique, born out of our passions and skills and built on our commitment and dedication, we now hope to expand our Musical StoryBox family and share our classes far and wide!

We are looking for only the most passionate and dedicated franchisees to join our business- does this sound like you? Take a look at our social media pages and download our prospectus or just get in touch with us to find out more- we’d love to chat with you!

Weekly Classes

Weekly storytelling classes for babies and toddlers; a multi sensory experience starting that love of books and music from the word go!

School Sessions

A fully immersive and inclusive experience to better understand and engage with a favourite story through music and play.

Birthday Parties

Choose to bring your child's favourite story to life with one of our birthday party packages​, including a special birthday gift!