Mixed class or babies?

02 May 2024

We get asked so often, ‘Which class should I bring my baby to?”

Our Musical StoryBox classes are divided into two separate groups.  StoryBox Mixed and StoryBox Babies. Our Babies classes cater for non-walkers only and the mixed for babies through to preschoolers – siblings can then come together as well as friends with different age children.

The content of both these sessions is largely the same – so why have we done this? There is method in our madness!

We believe that exposure to stories and classical music is beneficial to all right from the word go. Whilst children of different ages will engage differently to our classes there is something to be gained from all. 

We know the benefits of reading to babies as early as possible are tenfold, including stimulating imagination, helping them learn about the world around them and as a special bonding time. The roots of language are developing in a baby’s brain even before they can talk – the more words a baby hears, the more words they learn. Being read to is one of the best ways to hear language so for toddlers and preschoolers it’s a no brainer for language development as well as setting the building blocks for independent reading later on! Reading supports cognitive development as well as developing imagination and creativity. Only last week when our aeroplane kite came out, lovely Archie started flying round the room yet in the same interlude gorgeous Alfie was memerised by the colours of the kite!

The music that we choose to compliment the stories is ageless. Our unique approach to music education focuses on exposure to a huge variety of music and not just music that is designed for young children. Using the music along with the story helps to give meaning to otherwise ‘serious’ music and makes it accessible and most of all enjoyable. Children are never too young to hear classical music and normalising it from an early age kick starts their musical understanding and appreciation of the arts.

When you walk into a mixed class of toddling children you will see something quite different to coming to a baby class – not due to a change in content but due to the children’s reactions, developmental level and how it is absorbed! It is so lovely to see our youngest babies grow with our sessions, learning how to play instruments, moving in time to music, developing a sense of rhythm and even singing along with our welcome song and lullaby!

Weekly Classes

Weekly storytelling classes for babies and toddlers; a multi sensory experience starting that love of books and music from the word go!

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A fully immersive and inclusive experience to better understand and engage with a favourite story through music and play.

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